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Radiohead - In Rainbows

Brilliant !!!! Just brilliant. I have now saturated my brain with the new Radiohead album, In Rainbows. Now I know that every artistic creation from Radiohead is going to be brilliant, but I think this is their best stuff. I have played it over and over and am convinced that these songs are the greatest stuff they have ever done. They always amaze me, the way they change styles, ever so slightly, and the way the lyrics are just waiting to be dissected by the listener. Thank you Radiohead, thank you again.

Are You Into Hard Rock ?

I wouldn't classify one of my favorite music genres as being hard rock, not since the early 80's anyways. I was constantly listening to my Rush albums in that decade, especially "Hemispheres", man that was a great album. Well I just came across Velvet Revolvers' new CD, "Libertad". What the hell is a Libertad? Or who? Well, I'm liking it big time and I think it's being released in July, so I might just have to buy this one, maybe my first bought C.D in over 10 years. I might not know what Libertad means, but I do know that this group consists of talented musicians who once rocked with talented rock bands. A kind of SUPERGROUP  if you will. Slash, Duff McKagen, and Matt Sorun from Guns N Roses, Scott Welland from Stone Temple Pilots and Dave Kushner from a punk band named Wasted Youth. Never heard of them. Together these guys sound great and I'm liking the resurrection of my fancy for some hard rock music.

Check it out. Download it somewhere. There are tons of torrent sites out there. Where the hell is Axel Rose?



The Beginning


Well here it is, Shea's Views. It's the birth of my blog and all I want to write about is Radiohead. I need a new C.D from them pronto. It's been too long and although we had Thom's solo effort Eraser, I still need a total Radiohead fix. Although the old stuff is brilliant, can't keep listening to it when I know a new album is looming.
The rumour around the Internet is a November release, so it still looks like a longer wait than expected. Oh well, I guess creating a masterpiece does take time.


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